What is Pictink?

Pictink is a storytelling platform using pictures and a collaboration space for storytellers.

What are Picturestories?

Picturestories are small and simple stories made using a series of pictures.

Is it only for photographers? 

No, it's not only for photographers. Anyone who can tell a story using a series of pictures can publish on Pictink.

I am a blogger and have my own blog. Why should I join Pictink?

Picturestories are not a replacement for blogs. It's a different method of telling stories. 

I am having my own blog. How can I make use of Pictink?

One of the biggest challenge a blogger face is to reach out to the right audience. On Pictink, users selects their topics of interest and what they should be served with. As a blogger, if you publish in the right category, your story will have a better chance to be fed to the right audience. This will help to improve your reputation and reach. You can also add your website and other social links in your Pictink profile which can in turn drive traffic to your sites.

Who owns the pictures that I upload on Pictink?

You own the rights of the pictures you upload.

How is Pictink different from other photo sharing sites?

Pictink is not a photo sharing site. It's a storytelling platform using pictures. We encourage taking pictures with a purpose.

Is there a mobile application for Pictink?

Yes. Pictink app will be soon available on Google Play Store and Apple's App Store.

How much should I pay for using Pictink?

Pictink is a free platform and you don't have to pay for using it.

Who all can publish Picturestories on Pictink?

Anyone who has an active account with Pictink can publish Picturestories on Pictink.

What if I compare Pictink with Instagram?

Instagram is a great app for sharing beautiful moments. Pictink is a storytelling app using pictures. You need a minimum of two pictures to publish a story. The difference is in the purpose of both platforms.

Is there any approval process to publish Picturestories?

No, there is no approval process to publish a story.

Is there any content curation on Pictink? 

No, we don't do any content curation. But we might take down the Picturestories if it violates our content policies.

I am not a storyteller or writer. Why should I join Pictink?

Joining Pictink might inspire you to become a storyteller. Pictink is not only a place to create Picturestories, but also a place to experience the world in pictures. A place to discover people with similar interests, information about new activities, places, ideas, tastes, adventures and much more.

What kind of stories comes in Pictink?

Currently for the sake of categorization, we have 34 categories in which people can create and experience Picturestories. Travel, photography, cooking, lifestyle, adventure, technology, education etc. to name a few. 

What are your policies on disturbing content?

It's against our policies to upload disturbing content(including pornographic content) and Pictink can take legal action on users for uploading the same. The content will be taken down without notice and user account may be suspended. Contents which can cause social issues or is disturbing social sanctity will be taken down, although the freedom of the writer will be given at most importance. This will be dealt according to Terms of Service and Content Policies.

How can I add Pictink profile to my website/blog?

Please see our help topic